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Speeding up aging computers with a SSD

After a couple of years schools often find that computers seem to slow down, and no matter what the IT support try they continue to run quite slowly. If you have a trolley of laptops the cost involved in replacing all 16 can be very scary, and if everything else is working alright then it always seems a shame to not use […]

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Useful Tips – Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can prove to be a useful tool. We are going to list what we think are the most useful.

We get a lot of helpdesk calls about the screen not appearing correctly on a projector. You can see everything on your own laptop, but through the projector there is no desktop and you can only see a picture, often […]

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Primo – Using Wooden Toys to Teach Programming


Primo Toys have created toys to teach children how to program. They have created a wooden robot called Cubetto to teach the basics of coding through adventure and play.

You have some coding blocks, each block is an action which you can combine to create programs.

 Forward  Left  Right  Function

You then place the blocks on the control board to tell Cubetto what to do, then […]

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Swift Playground

With the release of iOS10 came a new iPad app called Swift Playground. This is Apple’s contribution to helping people, especially children, learn about how coding works. The nice thing about this kind of coding is that it is real. If you have a Mac you can download XCode and actually create apps, that you can add to the App […]

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Projecting your Android device on your PC

With the increase of Android devices in schools, I am starting to get asked more and more how get the screen of an Android device up on the projector or interactive board. For most Apps you need Google Chrome.


This app, in partnership with Google Chrome will allow you to not only show what is on your device, but also to […]

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Transforming an ICT Suite

Beckington First School had an IT Co-ordinator a few years ago that wanted to fill their ICT Suite with enough PCs so that a whole class could go in and each child had their own PC. She managed to succeed in doing this shortly before she retired.

The ICT suite was used successfully and worked well for a number of years […]

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Guide to passwords


If something is online then it is has the potential to be hacked. One way to prevent that is with a good password. But we then have the problem of making them up, changing them frequently and the worse part – remembering them.
You should never:
Share passwords
write down the actual password
You should:
Change them often
Have different passwords for different sites
write down hints
Use […]

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Pokemon Go: A parent’s guide

Pokémon Go launched earlier this month, and in just over a week, now has more daily users than Twitter! It is set to be a massive craze for young people over the summer.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is an app enabling users to create a character (any name) and partake in a mobile version of the Pokémon game.

The app is […]

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Configuring Apple TV in Schools

Apple TV is a small box that can be added to a projector/interactive panel etc via a HDMI port. You can use the Apple TV to mirror your iPad, With an iPad mirrored onto a large screen, teachers can demo how to use an app, zoom into maps, show what’s under iPad’s camera etc. Students can show off their latest […]

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Protecting yourself against Ransomware

You have probably read in the news and seen emails recently about randomware. It is a particularly horrible virus that encrypts your files so you can’t open them, and the only way to get them open is to pay the creators of the virus a ransom. This time of year with report writing it is very important as you could […]

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