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What is Augmented Reality?

Recently that the phase “Augmented Reality” seems to be appearing everywhere. But what is it?

Put basically it is the combination of reality and computer generated images. You have something that is real which triggers computer generated images or animation. This contrasts to Virtually Reality, which is made up completely of computer generated images and has no “real life”.
So how is this […]

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Movie Maker – an alternative to Photostory

With Windows XP a lot of teachers discovered Photostory. It was a free “Powertoy” from Microsoft that quickly and easily enabled photographs to be made into a slideshow that fit nicely to music.

When Windows 7 came out there was no update to this nice little program, instead Microsoft wanted you to use Movie Maker. Photostory will install onto Windows […]

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Making use of QR Codes in the classroom

A simple way to get your students using tablets for more than just research is the use of QR codes. These are simple and very quick to make, but can make a lesson a little more exciting.

You can make QR codes for free on a lot of websites,, or are just two options. You can also get apps […]

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Basic Computing – Daisy Dinosaur iPad App




If you aren’t sure where to start with computer programming, Daisy Dino is a simple app for iPad that allows you to learn step by step.






It starts off by just getting you to move Daisy forward. From there it introduces more options and gets you to put instructions together.


You drag the instructions you need from the left and then press the […]

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SeeSaw: The Learning Journal

One of the most important things for Ofsted is being able to show them evidence of your pupils’ work. Having post-its or scraps of paper with observations on might not be the best way of organising your notes. Trying to photocopy little whiteboards is time consuming and a waste of paper.

Being able to keep photographs, videos, notes and drawings all […]

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Top 10 e-safety Websites

There is a phenomenal number of websites providing curriculum resources and advice on e-safety for schools. With the limited time that teaching professionals have to find the relevant information it can be difficult to wade through all of the resources to find any of real quality.

Here we take a look at 10 e-safety websites that cover advice, resources, curriculum and even […]

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Restoring an iPad

Restoring your iPad

If you have locked yourself out of your iPad or have locked yourself out so badly that you have to wait 45 years until you can unlock it, there is a only one thing you can do; force a restore.
You can do this with iTunes. Having done this a few times, I have found that it works best with […]

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The Usborne Foundation launches third free online reading game

The Usborne Foundation announces the anticipated launch of Teach Your Monster to Read 3:  Champion Reader, a free online reading game to help young learners further develop their reading skills.  In collaboration with reading experts at the University of Roehampton, the latest game in the BAFTA-nominated, multi-award winning series is compatible with Phase 5 […]

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QR Games, a quick and easy activity for students

Are you new to mobile technology and looking for a quick and easy activity? QR games are an excellent way to engage students. lets you create QR Code scavenger hunts quickly and easily. The basic account is free and all you need is a smart phone, any QR code reader and a login for the site. Make clues with pictures or […]

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Do you know what is being said about your school?

Part of the new Boost service from South West Grid For Learning  is SWGfL Alerts.

SWGfL Alerts  can easily monitor online content referencing your school with email alerts and an online dashboard.
Increasingly parents are selecting schools based on the information they find online often in open forums. Powered by Mention, this service uses leading online and social media alerting tools from […]

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