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Configuring Apple TV in Schools

Configuring Apple TV in Schools

Apple TV is a small box that can be added to a projector/interactive panel etc via a HDMI port. You can use the Apple TV to mirror your iPad, With an iPad mirrored onto a large screen, teachers can demo how to use an app, zoom into maps, show what’s under iPad’s camera etc. Students can show off their latest creations, draw their solution to a problem, display their writing, etc.


One of the main problems we have had in our schools is with the Movie Ads at the top of the screen when you turn your Apple TV on. Sometimes these movies have images you’d rather not display in school. Even if all the images are tame, showing movie posters distracts students.


In order to rid Apple TV’s home screen of those pesky movie posters, you’ll need to enable Restrictions. Do this in the Settings menu, selecting General, and choosing Restrictions. You’ll be prompted to enable Restrictions with a passcode. After you’ve done that, change Purchase & Rental to Hide.



More settings can be found on Learning in Hand with Tony Vincent



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