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Guide to passwords

Guide to passwords



If something is online then it is has the potential to be hacked. One way to prevent that is with a good password. But we then have the problem of making them up, changing them frequently and the worse part – remembering them.

You should never:

Share passwords

write down the actual password

You should:

Change them often

Have different passwords for different sites

write down hints

Use a password manager: – paid for – for free

There are several different methods of creating passwords:

1. Sentences or lines of a song

‘We all live in a yellow submarine by the Beatles’ – WaliaysbtB4!


‘To be or not to be’ – 2BorNot2b_Thatisthe?

2. Lengthy phrase from unrelated words



3. Common elements

ABT2_uz_AMZ (About to use Amazon)

ABT2_uz_BB! (About to use Barclay’s Bank)

Pwrd4Acct-$$ (Password for account at bank)

Pwrd4Acct-Fb (Password for account at Facebook)

4. Pattern on keyboard

!”£2wsxzxC –


1Qazdrfvgy7 –


Biometric – If your device uses fingerprints rather than passwords use that.


Lastly you can test how secure your password is here:

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