Mobile Learning with iPads

Mobile Learning with iPads.

Bringing an iPad into the classroom is just the start of a journey to create a true integrative mobile learning space for teachers and students.

Teachers are provided with an interactive tool that will support them with developing and managing their classes whilst learners get access to an involving tool that will support their learning, covering many abilities and needs.

Focused on Learning.

In addition to being intuitive, easy to use and a great motivator for teachers and students, the iPad comes ready to go with a range of built in Apps. Over 20,000 focused educational apps are available to learners via the App Store, so you will always find a tool or resource to cover any topic and to fit their style or learning.

The iBooks app and the iBookStore give easy access to literacy materials and books that are rich in video, sound and movement to bring stories to life. As a collaborative learning tool the iPad can easily be shared passed around and used for group work.

Start your journey.

More and more schools are finding that the iPad revolutionises the learning environment. Teachers are inspired to bring more creativity in to the classroom and encourage learners of all capabilities to participate and develop their projects.

Futurform IT Services know what is possible with iPad in the classroom, we take the time to understand what your school will make of the equipment. As a result, we can build our services and solutions around your requirements.

5 Reasons to Implement Apple Mobile Learning Solutions

Today's students live in a time when laptops, smartphones and tablets are a commonplace. As a result, they constantly interact with mobile devices. Engaging students with technology is proven to lead to higher achievement.
When learning is mobile, educators can bring it right to their students, eliminating time consuming, distracting trips to the ICT suite. With no cables to tie them down, students can work in groups around a table, in hallways or on trips.
Mobile computing has fewer infrastructure requirements, so can cost less than dedicated ICT Suites. Batter powered devices do not require additional electrical sockets in the classrooms and with the use of wireless there is less cost on cabling and network infrastructure.
Mobile technology can ease the pressure schools face to build more classrooms and specialised learning areas. There is no need to dedicated ICT Suites and students can gain an increase in access to technology.
iPads take up very little space and add flexibility to the classroom, students and teachers can move around their classrooms without having to navigate a maze of power cables and network leads. Free of cables, classrooms are neater, safer and less distracting places for students to learn.

iPads in Education

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