Photocopier Leasing for Schools

Choosing the right equipment for your school.

Futurform IT Services know how important it is that you choose the right print and copy equipment for your school. We have been dealing with schools for over 10 years and understand the needs of the educational sector.

Futurform IT Services have a proven track record within schools, we provide the most appropriate technology for your requirements as well as understanding the level of customer service and support your school needs. Our specialist knowledge and attention to detail allows us to provide solutions that enhance the learning process whilst reducing costs and delivering control.

Finding the right machines for your school…

We know that there is a no ‘one size fits all’ when schools and colleges are looking for a new photocopier or printer. That’s why we work with you to find out:

  • How the machine will be used?
  • Who is using it and where it will be placed?
  • How much you print and what type of document?
  • Do you have special requirements such as the need to produce reading diaries or prospectuses internally?
  • Do you need to print or copy large amount of colour documents?
  • How will you track and control staff and student usage?

From our initial meeting we will discuss with your school how it currently manages it’s printing and copying, if scanning is currently used and how this can be used. Once we have an understanding of how your school currently operates we will then consider ways in which our new technology can improve your document workflow and ultimately reduce costs.

We consider the following solutions and systems to be a standard requirement within schools and are mostly available at no extra cost to the school.

  • Print and Copy tracking through the use of a PIN
  • Colour volume allocation per user
  • Scan to E-mail
  • Scan to folder or a public shared drive
  • Use of user boxes to store regularly used documents
  • Secure printing with PIN release for head teachers and SMT
  • Separate Colour and Mono printer drivers
  • Identification separator page detailing the user who printed the document
  • Print job release
  • Follow me printing
  • Programmable functions for everyday copying jobs.

Once your school has chosen the preferred methods of print and copy control we will prepare a detailed bespoke handbook ensuring that you are able to use the features effectively.Photocopier Leasing



Comparing prices

When comparing the cost for your new photocopier  always ensure you have the capital cost rather than comparing lease costs which can have hidden extras built in.

Know the finance company 

Most councils have teamed up with an independent leasing advisory service like Unilink. It is good practice to use a lease provider that is part of a government framework as this will achieve the best rate for your equipment and will be independent to any equipment provider.

Minimum period lease agreements (MPRA)

Most leases are for a “minimum period”, this is the shortest period which the school will have to make payments for. It is important to remember that this type of agreement needs to be cancelled and can require 90 days notice.

Type of lease

It is important to clarify with your equipment provider the type of lease they are proposing, this information is taken from the department of education website:

An operating lease is the only type of lease a school should enter in to. These leases involve the school paying a rental for the hire of an asset for a period of time, and are similar to a rental agreement. No other types of lease, such as finance or hire purchase, may be entered into by the school as this is a form of borrowing.