Programming Resources


Rapid Router

Rapid Router is an online game to teach Programming. Starting at Level 1 it takes you through step by step instructions, building up more complex instructions to mean the objectives. This looks very similar to Scratch, but is step by step, rather than free programming.

You can sign your school up and create logins so that pupils can save their progress.

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barefootThe Barefoot Primary Computing Resources

The Barefoot primary computing resources are created by a panel of primary computing teachers. These free to use, creative resources illustrate how computing can be integrated into the primary curriculum in cross-curricular ways. They aim to enable primary teachers to deliver the new computing curriculum with confidence.

There are two different types of resources:

Teach yourself concept resources – This helps to equip teachers with the knowledge to teach computing.

Exemplar teaching activities – This is activities to help teach computing.

You will need to register with the Barefoot Computing project in order to gain access to the resources.



bbccompBBC Schools Primary Computing resources

There are a series of videos that go through the basics of computing. Divided into the Key Stages, it focuses on what students need to be able to understand. As these videos are hosted by BBC you shouldn’t have any problem playing them on your school’s network.