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Projecting your Android device on your PC

Projecting your Android device on your PC


With the increase of Android devices in schools, I am starting to get asked more and more how get the screen of an Android device up on the projector or interactive board. For most Apps you need Google Chrome.




This app, in partnership with Google Chrome will allow you to not only show what is on your device, but also to control it with your PC. You can find it here.



This app, in parentship with Google chrome allows you to see what is on your Android device, you scan a QR code to connect your phone. You can find it here.




This is software that is installed on your PC, you need a few extra programs to get this working. A full installation guide can be found here. You can find the installer here.


asm android-screen-monitor

This is software installed on your PC, you can rotate and scaling monitor window and export a image into PNG file as screen shot tool. You can find the installer and instructions here.



For all of these to work you have to have your Android device connected to your PC or Mac via a USB. Happy projecting.

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