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Speeding up aging computers with a SSD

Speeding up aging computers with a SSD

After a couple of years schools often find that computers seem to slow down, and no matter what the IT support try they continue to run quite slowly. If you have a trolley of laptops the cost involved in replacing all 16 can be very scary, and if everything else is working alright then it always seems a shame to not use them.


With the price of Solid State Discs (SSDs) coming down it is a cheap and efficient way of extending the life of your equipment. There is, of course, some work involved as the computer will either have to be rebuilt or cloned (if you have purchased a disc cloning program). But the time spend doing all this will give a pleasing result for frustrated teachers and students.

Traditional hard drives, other than becoming a lot smaller, haven’t really changed a lot since their creation. They work on several disc, and a magnetic arm that reads and writes to the disc. The SSD in contrast don’t have moving parts, which means that read and write speeds are significately faster. They are more resisitant to knocks, and they are much more energy efficient. SSDs have been around for a while, but with the price recently dropping they are becoming more popular.


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