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Transforming an ICT Suite

Transforming an ICT Suite


Beckington First School had an IT Co-ordinator a few years ago that wanted to fill their ICT Suite with enough PCs so that a whole class could go in and each child had their own PC. She managed to succeed in doing this shortly before she retired.

The ICT suite was used successfully and worked well for a number of years after, but ICT in schools has changed a lot in the last few years and unfortunately the ICT suite was no longer being used as much, the PCs were using an old Operating System, they were slow and needed to be changed in order to make full use of this excellent space.

After talking to the school about what they really wanted to achieve and taking them to one of our other schools, where we had helped create a Media Suite, they decided that was what they wanted. So we set about helping the school to fullfill their vision.

The PCs were very slow and having Windows XP on them still, it was decided that they would be disposed of, and we would replace them with just a few PCs and a new trolley of laptops. IMG_5293

This would mean that they would still have workstations that were instantly ready to go, and have the freedom of some additional laptops. These could be used all around the school too.

We went about clearing the ICT Suite for the school and sorting through old spares and equipment, leaving only what would be useful.

IMG_5301         IMG_5299

The school decided they wanted to have different areas around the room. So they wanted a small collection of PCs in one area, they decided to go for All-in-Ones, this kept everything neat and used up as little space as possible on the desks.

IMG_5298       IMG_5669

They also wanted a greenscreen area to use with their iPads, this can be used across the curriculum and students love creating short greenscreen films.


IMG_5389        IMG_5856

The last area is an open space, with a Vividtouch Interactive Board, mounted on a balance-board to that it is height adjustable.

IMG_5301          IMG_5855

Beckington now have a Media Suite that can be used across the curriculum, using PCs, laptops, interactive boards and iPads, or just an extra space, to enhance any lesson they want.


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