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Useful Tips – Keyboard shortcuts

Useful Tips – Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can prove to be a useful tool. We are going to list what we think are the most useful.

We get a lot of helpdesk calls about the screen not appearing correctly on a projector. You can see everything on your own laptop, but through the projector there is no desktop and you can only see a picture, often the Windows logo. This happens when the laptop is extending the picture rather than cloning it. This can occur when the laptop is first connected to the projector or if certain programs (commonly Power Point) has been used. The keyboard shortcut to change this back to cloning is the Windows key and tap P. This will cause a menu to appear, if you tap P you can change the option to Duplicate and this will now make the screens clone.



Another common problem that we find in schools is that screens get turned on their side. This is caused by the students pressing a combination of keys. To get the screen back up the correct way make sure you are logged into the PC. Once logged on press Ctrl, Alt and up arrow.



The use of the Ctrl key with a combination of letters can be used:

Ctrl and A = Select all

Ctrl and C = Copy

Ctrl and X = Cut

Ctrl and V = Paste

Ctrl and Z = Undo

Ctrl and P = will bring up the Print dialogue box

Windows Key and E = will bring up an file explorer window

Windows Key and L = Locks your screen





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